Pots & Containers

At Langlands we have a wide selection of pots, troughs, tubs, trugs and all manner of other accessories to display your flowers or add something a little different to your garden.

Apta Pottery Range

Our Apta pottery range includes a broad variety of styles to suit any taste.

Terracotta Pots

A large selection of terracotta pots, either subtle and traditional or decorative and striking, can be found along with a selection of colourful glazed pots.

Lead Lite

The Lead Lite range can provide a sophisticated air to any patio or entrance-way. Furthermore, the addition of the RHS-branded Lead Lite pots add a simple elegance to an already stunning style.

Vintage Range

Our vintage range can introduce a characterful addition to any garden with this exclusively designed pottery. Bold, quirky and individual designs that represent you in your garden.

Apta RHS Branded

The Apta RHS branded range has quickly become the UK's biggest selling outdoor pot range. We host a considerable collection in this range, along with accompanying saucers and pot feet.

Plastic Pots

Alongside our pottery we also have a wide range of plastic Stewarts pots. Practical, lightweight and decorative; our collection of pots, troughs, tubs, saucers,and trugs offers a great selection for all, from the grow-your-own gardener looking for results to the garden designer looking for the wow factor.

Of course, if you simply want instant results in your garden, then take a look at our range of ready-made pots, planted up on-site by one of our experienced staff.