COVID-19 - Risk Assessment: April 2021

People at Risk

All persons working and visiting are People that may be at risk of contracting the virus from infected hard surfaces they may touch.  At particular risk are persons identified as extremely vulnerable or clinically vulnerable.


What we are doing to prevent outbreak onsite and protect our customers.

Till areas

Access to the tills will be controlled by a Customer Service Greeter who will direct our customers to the next available till. They will stand at the bottom of the main walkway to the checkouts,

The Greeter will observe the 2m Social distancing guidelines while supporting our customers at the Checkout area.

We can use the customer display screens to display key social distancing messages.

There will be a queuing process on the main walkway to the checkouts with lines on the floor at 2m intervals to aid our customers in keeping to the social distancing guidelines.

Checkout areas will be free of all dumpbins – only one product per checkout end.

Each double bank of checkouts will only be used by one cashier and one customer. There will be Perspex screens on each of these checkouts.

We will ask any accompanying family members or friends to leave the bill payer to complete the transaction with the cashier while they wait outside the Centre.

Customers will be asked to present their trolley to the designated cashier in a designated space that will be marked on the floor.  The cashier will stand behind the Perspex screen

The Customer will be politely asked to stand in the designated area that will be marked using highly visible tape on the floor. The cashier will then scan the items in the trolley. Once completed, the cashier will then stand behind the screen and politely ask the customer to pay for their purchases at the chip & pin machine. Once the customer has paid, they will be asked to return to the designated area, and their receipt will be placed in the trolley. The trolley will be offered for the customer to collect once the cashier has moved back behind the screen and can then exit the Centre with their purchases.

Once they have loaded their shopping into the car, the trolley will be collected and returned to the front of the Centre where it will be cleaned ready for the next customer to use.

Sanitize the chip & pin unit between transactions.

Cleaning stations will be provided throughout the Centre with hand sanitizer and trolley cleaning items.  (These stations will be positioned throughout the Centre and consist of blue towel roll, cleaning fluid, wipes and container for waste and can be used by customers and colleagues.)


Office work

We will limit the number of people allowed in the office at any one time.

We will utilize the training rooms to give extra space for admin tasks.

Colleagues will always observe the social distancing measures.

Anytime equipment is used it will need to be wiped clean. e.g. Photo copier PDA guns, Headsets, label printers.

When accepting deliveries from any courier please ensure that gloves are always worn.

All drivers to observe the 2m social distancing guidelines.


What are we doing to protect our staff?

We will change working methods so staff can distance from each other, staff areas are to be controlled with guidelines PPE is to be place and available for staff

Vulnerable staff will require personal risk assessments anyone with symptoms will have to self-isolate according to government guidelines

Staff room areas are cleaned each time they are used with no personal goods placed loose on tables of left unattended.

till operatives should remain behind the Perspex guard and wear PPE provided and ask customers to step back should they need access to products. Customers will remain 2m apart while queuing. Hand sanitiser is available at all till points and card machines are cleaned if the PIN pad is used above £45.

For two man lifts where you may have to become closer than 2m please use full PPE. Gloves and mask or mask and visor.



Employees will be briefed one on one in the centres to explain the measures put in place preventing the transmission of the virus. All staff are to make extra checks that no fire escape routes, extinguishers or call points are blocked off by any temporary barriers.