November Gardening Tips

Langlands November Gardening Tips

Misty mornings and icy nights, the days are short and grey, good job we have a shed in the garden where we can go to play!

Flowering Plants

  • Bring any Mediterranean-type plants into the green house.
  • All tender plants should now be in a sheltered place, greenhouse or wrapped in frost fleece.
  • Prepare new beds by digging over the ground, working in compost and spreading a protective layer of leaf mulch.
  • Bind up any tender clumps of grasses to protect them from becoming too wet and rotting.
  • Cut back dahlias after the first frost, then lift tubers and store in a dry frost-free place.
  • Check on any stored tubers and bulbs.
  • Perennial plants that are past their best should be cut right down, remembering to clear away all remains and add them to the compost heap.


  • Water-logged areas of the lawn can be treated with sand and pricked with a garden fork to make drainage holes in compacted areas.
  • Clean, repair and oil garden tools.
  • Clean garden furniture and store away safely for the winter months.
  • Clean out and tidy up the tool shed ready for the winter.
  • Clean out nesting boxes, first checking that they are not being used by hibernating animals, such as dormice.
  • Once the nesting box is clean, fill it with fresh straw, wood shavings or sheep's wool.

Trees & Shrubs

  • Stake young saplings, firm-down loosened root balls well.
  • Trim hedges and shrubs one last time.
  • Plant new bare-rooted trees and shrubs now. Water thoroughly.
  • Make a well around the base of the plant to hold the water and cover with a layer of mulch.
  • Prune roses slightly to prevent wind rock and winter damage. Prune back in spring.

Fruit & Vegetables

  • Delay harvesting winter vegetables such as sprouts and green cabbage until after the first frosts.
  • Tidy up the herb garden, loosen the soil and add compost. Mark the position of non-hardy herbs and cover lightly with a light mulch.
  • Plant garlic.
  • Check fruit and veg stores for rotting items.
  • Crowns of globe artichoke should be protected from frost by wrapping straw around the base of the plants.

Download the November Gardening Tips Guide:

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