July Gardening Tips

Langlands July Gardening Tips

With the promise of long, hot summer days, it's time to sit outside in the sunshine and watch your garden grow!


  • In a dry summer, leave the grass-box off the mower once or twice to allow the cuttings to fly.
    This will help to keep the grass in good condition by providing a very shallow mulch.
  • If the weather has been dry for a while, you may find that pearlwort, trefoil and clover can become a problem.
    Hand-weed as soon as you see it, before it has time to set seed and perpetuate the problem for another year.
    Alternatively, use a lawn weed killer such as Verdone.
  • Do not cut the grass too short or it will scorch in hot weather.

Flowering Plants

  • Check that supports on tall herbaceous plants are secure.
  • Check clematis for signs of clematis wilt.
  • Conservatory plants can usually come outside now.
  • Deadhead bedding and repeat-flowering perennials to ensure continuous flowers.
  • Watch all plants for signs of disease or insects.
Insect infestation

Application of insecticides and fungicides can prevent disease and insect infestations if they are applied correctly. Aways read the label.

Fruit & Vegetables

  • Remove side shoots on tomatoes and stop the plants when 4-5 trusses have been produced.
  • Feed tomatoes regularly with a high-potash liquid fertiliser such as Tomorite®.
  • Pick courgettes before they become marrows.
  • Prune back summer-fruiting raspberry shoots to the ground after the fruit has been picked.
  • Tie up any new blackberry shoots.
  • Protect fruit bushes from birds by placing netting over them, but remember to check daily, making sure no birds are trapped.
  • Plant onion seed and potatoes for Christmas.


  • Removing blanket weed should remain a high priority as and when it appears.
  • Water levels should be topped up during hot spells, which will ensure the health of plants and fish. This also prevents damage to the pond liner.


  • Give woodwork a lick of paint or preserver while the weather is dry.
  • Be water-wise! "Grey water" (bath water) can be used to water the garden if water butts start to empty.

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