January Gardening Tips

January Gardening Tips

The one thing we can't guarantee in January is the weather, but there's always something to do in the garden!

Read our Gardening Tips for January.

Shrubs & Trees

  • Prevent damage by shaking snow off evergreens.
  • Dead, diseased and untidy branches may be cut back on frost-free days.
  • Recycle Christmas trees by shredding for mulch.
  • Prune wisteria side shoots towards the end of the month.

Flowering Plants

  • Sow seeds for annuals under heated glass.
  • Check stored Dahlia, Begonia and Canna tubers for signs of mould.
  • Check pots for water, it may be cold but it can still be dry.
  • Dead head winter flowering plants.
  • Prune container grown vines


  • Remove net coverings so that the maximum amount of light can get to the water.
  • If your pond freezes over, create an ice free hole. Putting a ball in the pond can prevent this.
  • Try not to disturb pond water.
  • Do not break any ice. It could cause shock waves that could harm any creatures sheltering below.
Winter Veg


  • Repair fences and supports.
  • Clean and service the pond pump, if the pond is not frozen.
  • Keep putting out food & water for hungry birds.
  • Dig over any vacant plots that have not been dug already.
  • Apply Mosskiller like Algon to hard surfaces to prevent slippery paths.
  • Repair and re-shape lawn edges.
  • When it snows, avoid repeatedly walking the same path across the lawn and compacting the snow.

Fruit & Vegetables

  • Harvest winter cabbage, leeks and Jerusalem artichokes.
  • New vegetable beds can be dug over. Leave the clods of earth to be broken up by the frosts.
  • Start forcing rhubarb.
  • Plan your vegetable crop rotations for the coming season.
  • Prepare a polythene shelter for outdoor peaches and nectarines, to protect them from peach leaf curl.
  • Seed potatoes are available to buy.


  • Try not to walk on new lawns if frozen.
  • During snow avoid walking the same path across a lawn and compacting the snow.

Download the January Gardening Tips Guide:

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