Caring For Real Christmas Trees

How to Help Your Real Christmas Tree Last Longer

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You can make a Christmas tree last through the whole of the Christmas season by following a few basic steps.

Wrap the Tree Up for the Trip Home

If your tree isn't netted, you'll need to wrap it up safely if you're taking it home in an open trailer or on a roof rack; the wind can easily damage a Christmas tree by drying it out.

Re-Cutting the Stem on the Christmas Tree

If you treat your Christmas tree essentially like a giant, cut flower, you can't go far wrong. The tree you buy has probably been cut for several days, if not weeks. Its vascular system, which draws water up the trunk and into the branches, will likely have clogged. Cutting just an inch or so off the bottom of the trunk will open up the vascular system again. You can also cut more off, if you need to reduce the height of the tree. A simple, straight cut with a pruning saw will suffice. Drilling extra holes, or cutting at angles won't do anything to improve water uptake.

Watering Your Christmas Tree

Once you have cut the trunk of the Christmas tree, you have to keep it moist. Make sure to submerge the trunk in water as soon as you can, ideally within half an hour of making the cut. You only need to use plain, regular water. Studies have shown that regular water works just as well as water with a supplement added. It is important that the stand's water reservoir stays full, so check on it a couple of times a day and refill as necessary.

Choose An Appropriate Location For Your Christmas Tree

Choosing a good location for your Christmas tree is one of the most important factors in maintaining longevity. Try to keep the tree away from radiators and other sources of heat, as well as draughts and direct sunlight. Fluctuating temperatures will certainly cause your tree to dry out quickly.

Recycle your Real Christmas Tree

Recycle Your Tree After the Festive Season!

Recycle your Real Christmas Tree

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