April Gardening Tips

April gardening Tips

The days are warmer now spring has sprung. Start enjoying the better weather!

Be outside in the garden, and get ready for summer with our April Gardening Tips.

Trees & Shrubs

  • Cut back early and winter-flowering shrubs like forsythia and ribes after they have flowered.
  • Prune dwarf and small varieties of trees and shrubs.
    Such as heather, lavender, lavetera, rosemary and buddleia.
  • Take soft-wood cuttings and pot them up.
  • Tie up the new shoots from climbing plants and roses.
  • Once the leaves have unfurled, you can start spraying roses to keep on top of pests and diseases.


  • You can give the lawn its second cut.
  • Apply spring lawn fertilizers.
  • Treat with a Moss killer.
  • Rake out debris (thatch).
  • rotary spiked roller
  • Aerate the lawn with a rotary spiked roller or spike shoes. You can also just stab with a garden fork (ideally only for small areas of lawn).

Fruit & Vegetables

  • Start feeding citrus plants.
  • Protect fruit blossom from late frosts. Don’t worry if you lose some; you only need 10% of flowers to set for a good crop.
  • Eat the last of the winter leeks, sprouts and parsnips.
  • Plant out lettuce and veg seedlings, but remember to protect from frost.
  • If any rhubarb flowers appear, cut them out near the base or they will steal food & energy from the plant.
  • Plant onion sets when the soil is dry.

Flowering Plants

  • Deadhead daffodils and tulips after they have flowered
  • Once deadheaded, leave the foliage to die back.
  • Check that container plants are not drying out.
  • Sow hardy summer annuals straight into the ground
    (sweet pea, poppy and sunflower).
  • Divide hostas before they come into leaf.
  • Divide primulas after they have finished flowering.
  • Bring on dahlias in pots. Split any over-large tubers.


  • If the water temperature has reached 5.5°, you can start to feed fish small amounts of food.
  • Begin to plant new pond plants and marginals.
  • Remove any weeds from around the margins of the pond.


  • Bring garden furniture out of winter storage. Clean and carry out any maintenance; oil hinges, tighten screws, paint etc.
  • It’s a good time to paint or stain garden fences, before borders become too full.

Download the April Gardening Tips Guide:

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