Real Christmas Trees

Every year Langlands Garden Centres have a wonderful collection of real Christmas trees for sale over the festive season. Buy one of our top quality real Christmas trees in time for the big day!

This year, we have chosen the finest Nordmann Fir specimens available from our premier UK supplier, Needlefresh. Every single tree is carefully raised through an 8-year tending process, from the moment it’s planted to the moment it’s harvested.

The Nordmann Fir is notable for its abundance of glossy, luxurious needles. It is one of the most sought-after species of traditional Christmas tree, favoured for its impressive spread and attractive foliage. The Nordmann Fir is also very hardy, and tends to be slower to drop its needles than many other types. This means less cleaning up after the festive season!

You won't find a more vibrant real Christmas tree available on the market. We have a wide range of sizes, from 4 to 9 feet. Customers are sure to find a real tree that is suitably proportioned for any size of room in any home!

Real Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

Potted Real Christmas Trees

Real Christmas Trees in Pots

We also stock a superb range of real potted Christmas trees. We have 3-4 foot potted varieties of Nordmann Fir, as well as Bosnian Fir and Norway Spruce.

Potted varieties still have their roots, and some can be replanted into your garden. Please ask for advice when making your purchase; potted trees often have a root ball that is cut to fit the pot when they are lifted, meaning they are unlikely to survive transplanting.

However, pot-grown trees usually spend a year or so in the pot making root growth before they are released for sale. These can survive out in your garden with a good chance or thriving if they are properly replanted and cared for, but will take about a year to establish.

Buying a real Christmas tree for the first time?

Buying a real cut Christmas tree for the first time can be a daunting experience! Don’t worry though, Langlands is here to take the fear out of your first-time fir! Let’s address some of the most common questions that people have, and if you still need any guidance, either give us a call, drop us an email, or even better, drop by one of our garden centres and pick the brains of our knowledgeable and helpful Plant Experts!

How long does a real Christmas Tree Last?

A real Christmas tree can stay healthy, lush and vibrant for approximately four to six weeks with a little basic care and attention.

How to pick a real Christmas Tree

Most real trees will live quite happily in your home over the festive period, but one of the most important things to plan for is its size! Make sure you have enough space for your tree by measuring the available space carefully before making a purchase.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the variety you choose will drop its needles. All firs naturally shed to some extent over time, but “non-drop” varieties are bred to minimise this; this obviously creates less mess, and protects the sensitive feet of pets.

Some varieties also have a stronger scent than others. Consider how much you like the smell of fresh fir; some varieties may become overpowering to some people in an enclosed space!

How to trim a Real Christmas Tree

Generally speaking, there is little reason to trim or prune real Christmas trees except perhaps to carefully remove stray branches, provided that you have chosen one that is the right size for your home. However, after you get your tree home, do remember to remove about 2.5cm off the bottom of the trunk with a pruning saw and stand it in water as soon as possible.

How to stand up a real Christmas Tree

When you get your tree indoors, it’s common practice to take about an inch off the bottom of the trunk. Sap may have plugged the trunk, which stops water from being drawn up to the branches. Next, put your tree in a sturdy stand that is suitable for its size. Make sure that the base of the trunk is submerged in water; try to do this immediately after cutting off the bottom piece. This will help to prevent the sap from sealing the trunk again. In addition, try not to put your tree in direct sunlight, or near radiators and other sources of heat; this will obviously dry the tree out very quickly and reduce its life-span considerably.

How to decorate a real Christmas Tree

This is very subjective! There is no right or wrong answer; it’s entirely down to your tastes. There are literally thousands of different decorations that you can buy, or even make yourself, to add flair to your fir! Check out our huge selection of Christmas Decorations here at Langlands; we’re sure that you will be able to find plenty to suit your home. Common favourites include tinsel, baubles, tree toppers, and garlands. If you really want to make your tree sparkle, consider a set of Indoor String Lights; most modern sets use efficient, low-energy LED bulbs, and they come in staggering number of designs!

How to dispose of a real Christmas Tree

When it’s time to take your tree down, it doesn’t mean that it has come to the end of its use. There’s no need to let it just go into a landfill! Consider the following options:

  • Use a tree collection service:

    Langlands is supporting The Pocklington Lions Christmas Tree Collection Service, in aid of St. Leonard’s Hospice and Martin House Hospice, and they will be collecting trees from these postcodes: YO42, YO43 3, and YO41 5, on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of January. To arrange collection, book in at by 1pm on the 4th January. You can also enquire with your local council, who often offer a tree collection service.

  • Replant potted trees:

    They will live happily in your garden. If you don’t have space, consider giving it to a friend or donating it to a local park or other worthy cause.

  • Take it to a Household Waste/Recycling Centre:

    They will usually turn them into chippings which can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Turn it into Mulch:

    If you have access to a garden shredder, the chippings are great for creating a moisture-retentive layer that will gradually decompose and put nutrients back into your soil. It also smells gorgeous!

  • Create a habitat for wildlife:

    Chop it up and leave it in a pile in your garden; small animals will happily use it as shelter during the cold winter months.

  • Burn it in a fire-pit or bonfire:

    When dried, the wood from real Christmas trees makes great fuel for outdoor fires. Be aware that it is not suitable for use indoors; it burns at an unusually high temperature and releases creosote which is in itself highly flammable.

  • Create plant supports:

    The branches, when stripped and dried, make perfect supports for all manner of plants.

  • Arts & Crafts:

    There are innumerable ways you can use the materials to create unique pieces of arts and crafts; with a little research, you’ll find lots of clever and creative ways to repurpose your tree. And if you’re not the crafty type, maybe you know someone who is?

If you need any help making the best of your real Christmas tree, check out our handy guide right here - Real Christmas Trees: Steps to Help Them Live Longer

Our Real Christmas Trees are available at all Langlands Garden Centres from Saturday 24th November.

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