Kettler is recognised for producing some of the highest quality garden furniture available on the market.

The Kettler garden furniture brand presents an effortless fusion of comfort, relaxation, convenience and fine dining. With the Kettler Casual Dining range available at Langlands, you can select from the Palma wicker schemes, featuring specially designed Kettler tables, Kettler chairs and Kettler sofas that are positioned slightly lower than traditional dining tables to enhance the informal experience of Al–Fresco dining without sacrificing elegance.

Choose from the Kettler Palma Mini Sets, Kettler Palma Sofa Sets, Kettler Palma Corner Sets, Kettler Palma Round Sofa Sets, and ancillaries such as Kettler Palma Side Tables and Kettler Palma Cushion boxes to complement your selection; You are sure to find a set of furniture just right for your garden, patio, sundeck or conservatory.

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