August Gardening Tips

Harvesting has started, both in the fields and the garden. Get ready to eat, store, freeze and preserve!


How to Look After Herbaceous Perennials

A Guide to How to Look After Herbaceous Perennials Herbaceous plants are mostly clump-forming. They have strong underground storage organs which survive over winter whilst the soft shoots above-ground die back.


July Gardening Tips

With the promise of long, hot summer days, it’s time to sit outside in the sunshine and watch your garden grow!


June Gardening Tips

The days are getting warmer and longer, gardens are more colourful, plants are growing… Get out there and enjoy!


How To Grow Tomatoes

Niki has prepared a special advice sheet to guide you in the basics of growing your own tomatoes this season. From planting in grow-bags to combating common pests and diseases, Niki’s expert pointers will help you raise splendiferous Solanaceae.


May Gardening Tips

BEWARE… It may be getting warmer during the daytime, but there is still a good chance of a night frost!


Weedkillers – What to Use, Where and When

There are many varieties of Weedkiller out there on the market; sometimes it can be difficult to know which is right for your garden. However, if you follow Niki’s expert advice, you can’t go wrong!


April Gardening Tips

The days are warmer now spring has sprung. Enjoy the better weather! Be outside in the garden, and get ready for summer with our April Gardening Tips.