August Gardening Tips


Langlands To Do in June Gardening AdviceHarvesting has started, both in the fields and the garden. Get ready to eat, store, freeze and preserve!

Take advantage of the dry weather by painting fences, sheds and other wooden features with a preservative. Check that any products used are within their use-by date, and still legal. Many of the old oil-based products such as creosote are no longer approved for domestic use.

Flowering Plants

  • Cut back any seed-producing plants if you do not want to self-seed (some can look attractive in winter and they make good winter bird food).
  • Begin planting autumn-flowering bulbs.
  • Check plants for mildew and cut off any affected parts.
    Do not throw onto the compost heap; dispose of them in the dustbin or burn them.
  • Give lavender a haircut once the flowers have faded. Be care full not to over-trim into the woody stems.
  • If you’ve not already done so, cut back the wispy shoots on wisteria to five or six buds.

Fruit & Vegetables

  • Pick fruit and vegetables for storage, preserving or freezing.
  • Remove any dead, damaged or diseased branches from fruit trees.
  • Cut back any branches of Morello cherry, nectarine or peach trees, once fruited.
  • Tie up any new espalier shoots.
  • Put bricks or tiles under squashes and pumpkins as they ripen to prevent them rotting.
  • Ripen onions by bending them over at their neck.
  • The spread of potato blight occurs if conditions are hot and humid. To prevent an attack, it may be worth considering using a fungicide spray.


  • Sow grass seed for a new lawn from mid-August to mid-September.
  • Mow the lawn on a weekly basis, but do not feed any more.
  • Pull out any thistles or other weeds by hand or use a selective weed killer.

Trees & Shrubs

  • Re-trim cut hedges if necessary.
  • Stop feeding roses or you will diminish their winter hardiness.
  • Plant clematis and evergreens, watering them in well.
  • Prune dead material from roses, with the exception of climbers.
  • Water trees thoroughly during extended periods of drought.
  • Trim shrubs and evergreens into shape.

Tubs & Containers

  • Cut back over-vigorous container plants.
  • Take and pot up cuttings of fuchsias, pelargonium and other hybrids.
  • Stop applying fertilizer.

Langlands To Do In August Guide

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